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Regarding Web-sites Connected and/or Created in any manner to The Complete Freedom Company On-line Presence

1. All the web-pages on this site are the sole property of the Complete Freedom Company. This includes The Meaning of Life web-site, the guest book, and the Great Links pages, and any other pages that may be created by The Complete Freedom Company's web-master.

2. Currently, as of September, 1998, the only page that may be reproduced in its entirety with no additions or deletions is The Meaning of Life Web-page. You may copy this page without the permission of the Complete Freedom Company's webmaster, but only as stated above. This page may not be sold or used in any other manner to obtain profit from the Complete Freedom's webmaster, as this website is for informational purposes only.

3. All opinions expressed on The Meaning of Life website are only those of the Complete Freedom webmaster and may or may not reflect the views of any associates, customers, distributors, or potential distributors.

4. The Complete Freedom Over 500 Reports program is available free to any person who desires to sign an independent distributor form which will be provided by the Complete Freedom Company upon request.

5. No guarantees are made as to how much money may be earned by using this or any other program endorsed by the Complete Freedom Company, although it is our goal to see as many successful new businesspersons as we can possibly help. As always, individual effort of the distributors or customers will be the primary goal of success in any new venture.

6. Although from time to time, we may accept links and/or advertising on certain sites, this is in no way necessarily an endorsement or guarantee of these web-sites or products. Any complaints must be directed to the actual owner of that web-site or product.

7. The Meaning of Life web-site will currently not accept any advertisement, as this service was meant to be free to all interested parties. We will however look at appropriate links that we feel would be of interest to our viewers. If you wish to support this web-site, please feel free to purchase any appropriate product from our other web-sites that are directly related to Complete Freedom Company products. With those products, we hope to have you become completely free from your job, rut, or whatever is holding you back. That will be reward enough for the Complete Freedom webmaster.

8. No pornography or adult sites will be tolerated. No vulgar language will be tolerated in any form when communicating with the Complete Freedom Company's webmaster.

9. We reserve the right to change these rules and/or policies as new web-sites are added.

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