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Over 500 Reports to Help You Gain Complete Freedom

Over 500 Reports to Help You Gain Complete Freedom

This is the easiest program that we have ever seen. Four computer disks provide information on a variety of topics ranging from MLM to Mail Order to Business to Health to Personal Financial Information. There is something for everyone. The following is not a complete list, but gives a good representative taste of what all is available on this program.
Business Ideas Business Information Personal Information
How to Start Your Own Business Consulting Service How To Get Free Radio Advertising The Inside Secrets To Personal Tax Shelters
How To Start Your Own Video Tape Rental Store The Lazy Person's Secret To Overnight Wealth Legal Ways To Get Bill Collectors Off Your Back
How To Own Your Own Auto Tune-up Shop Find Authoritative Background On Any Subject How To Get Visa / Mastercard With No Credit Check
Start a Business at Home and Make Big Bucks How To Increase Your Cash Flow Strike It Rich With Government Assistance
How to Achieve Success With a Money-making Newsletter How To Make Money Placing Classified Ads Wipe Out Debts Without Bankruptcy
How To Make Fast Cash With Your Car, Van, or Pickup Truck Managing Your 1-800 Toll Free Service How To Buy A New Car for $50 Over Dealer Cost
How To Start Your Own Videotaping Service Making Money With Give-aways How To Get Free Travel
How To Make Money With Your Own Errand Service Business Merchant Account Sources How To Get Hundreds of Books Free
Producing How To Videos Bookkeeping for Dummies Guerrilla Tactics That Will Give You A Good Credit Rating
Aerobics Class--Dancing For Profits How To Write A Press Release How To Get Free Legal Aid
Start Your Own Credit and Debit Counseling Service Overcoming Startup Blues The Free Credit Card Trap
Earn Money With Your Telephone


MLM and Mail Order Opportunities Computer Information Health Information
The Mail Order Beginner's Opportunity Guide Should You Rebuild Or Replace Outdated Computers? Growing Old Gracefully
The Easiest Most Profitable Mail Order Business Computer Shareware for $5 Or Less The Radon Problem
Insider's Secrets To Profitable Mail Order Products Setting Up a BBS For Yourself New Therapy For Heart Attacks
Insider's Secrets To Selling Mailing Lists There's Gold Inside Your PC The Positive Weight Loss Approach
A Secret Mail Order Product That Can Make You Rich Publishing A Catalog On A Disk Or CD-ROM Social Security Information
Mail Order Supply Directory Selling Products On Floppy Disks Where Diets Go Wrong
How To Parlay Any MLM Program Into A Million Dollars or More How To Beat Depression
Directory of 100 best Multi-level Companies
How To Build Your Downline Deep By Generating Free Leads
Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Downline Alive
Where To Place Your 1" Advertisement For Less than $5.00


Info-mercial Information Miscellaneous Information
Producing Your Own Info-mercials Guide To Getting A Government Job
Shooting Your Info-mercial Nine Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Cost
Using Celebrities A Guide To Business Credit For Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses
Birth Of DrTV Fair Debt Collection
Types of Media Buys Finding and Purchasing Public Land
Media Joint Ventures How To Buy Surplus Property from the U.S. Government
The Medicare Handbook
Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

Remember that this is not a complete list. There's plenty more on these computer disks.

Any one of these could make your life easier, or more profitable, or even healthier. Just the information in these reports alone could break you out of your everyday rut, and possibly make your life more exciting and worth living. We're certain you hav e noticed many topics that you have possibly seen on television, or in magazines, or in some other type of advertising media from other companies.

Some of the companies making their offering may give you one, or possibly a few of these topics. Their prices might range anywhere from $2 per report to $50 for a few of these reports. But, we are going to show you some mighty incredible offers on thes e. But, let's state a few facts first.

We're not going to offer you just the reports. We're going to give you the reprint rights. You can sell them for any price you want to.

But, we're going to make this offer even better. We are going to give you completely free a copy of our own original report that, to our knowledge, has never been published or offered anywhere else: The Complete Freedom Company's Over 25 Ways To Earn M oney Using Your Daily Newspaper.

Ordering Information

So, why wait? You can order all these fabulous disks and get the free bonus report Over 25 Ways To Earn Money Using Your Daily Newspaper by sending us $50 check or money order to Complete Freedom Company, PO Box 1078, Stanley, ND 58784. Or you can e-ma il us at completefreedom@netscape.net

All $50 orders come with a complete 30-day, no hassle money back guarantee. And even if you return the program for a full and complete refund, you still get to keep the bonus report Over 25 Ways To Earn Money Using Your Daily Newspaper just for checkin g out program and finding out we're not lying.

Alternative Method of Ordering This Program without Sending Us A Penny

But, some of you might be saying, "I don't have $50." No problem. At Complete Freedom, it is our goal to help as many people become free as we possibly can. That's why all you have to do to get this offer free is e-mail us at completefreedom@netscape.net and give us a little personal information, so we can set up a potential distributorship in your name. Your potential distributorship allows you to begin sending us customers so you can earn the right to this money-earning at no cost to you.

After you receive your PDN, (Potential Distributor Number) talk to as many people as you can about this amazing program. After you refer four paying customers to us who use your PDN, we will send you the Over 500 Reports To Help You Gain Complete Freedom, and the bonus report for nothing. That's right. Free. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

Free Distributorship Enrollment

You don't even have to order this product at all, if you don't want to, and you can still make money. (Although we can't imagine anyone not wanting all this fabulous information.) Just e-mail us at complete freedom@netscape.net and we will give you a free distributorship.

Then, all you do is use your big mouth, circulars, media methods, info-mercials, (you getting the idea?) and send us the names, addresses and telephone numbers (if available) of the people you want us to send this program to. All you do is send us $25 and that information, and we will ship it to your customers right to their address. We charge no additional shipping or handling charges.

Now, you have no excuses. We've shown you three ways to get this product and/or build a business. All the tools are here for you. There is nothing stopping you, but you. And if we know you, you won't be stopped.

Future Offerings

This is only the beginning of many profitable offers we are going to make. Future offers we are considering include:

  1. Sales Tools on The Web For Your Business
  2. Newsletters To Motivate You in Building Your Business
  3. Legal, Business, and Internet Kits
  4. Commodity Strategies
  5. Finally, anything else we find beneficial to the most important people in the world, our customers, (which includes you).

Now, here: The Answer to The Meaning Of Life.

Also here: Books, Kits, and Courses.

If you are interested in any of the information above, or maybe have an offer that helps my partners serve their customers better. You can reach us at completefreedom@netscape.net.

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