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Vol. I  Issue I  February 20, 1999

Contents:   Mission
                 Building Your Web-site
                 How To Write Profitable Classified Ads
                 The Importance of Classified Ads
                 Developing A Positive State of Mind: Reciprocity


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Mission:  This e-zine is designed to help new web-entrepreneurs locate free and inexpensive resources to help them start their own home business.   Our goal is to help everyone understand that freedom is earned, not made.  This e-zine will hopefully guide those who wish to earn money do so.  We cannot guarantee any of the information in these e-zines, and only offer them as a guide to help you gain success.

A big welcome to all of you!  I'm happy that you felt it worthwhile to check out this e-zine.  The thing that is different about this e-zine is we do not promise to make you a millionaire within a short period of time.  This e-zine is designed to help people earn their freedom.  You have to earn money, not make it.  (If you are making it, then I hope the Secret Service doesn't find your printing press.)

That's what sets you apart from 97% of the people out there.  You have chosen this e-zine because you believe that you should earn your way through life.  You see, when this country was first founded 3% of the population worked for someone else, while 97% were self-sufficient. That figure is reversed today. Now, don't quit your day job, just yet. We will probably cover in a future issue when it is a good time to declare your complete freedom.

But, to gain your Complete Freedom, you have to start learning or doing something first. So, let's start out with some of the basics.

Building Your Website:

Too many people believe the old "Field of Dreams" axiom:  "If you build it, they will come."  Don't feel stupid if you thought that.  I did, too.  I bought my new computer and I thought "Now, everybody will know that I have the best products out there."  Guess what?  Wrong!  It doesn't work that way.  There are a lot of different promotions out there, and you have to find your way through them to find out what is the best.

Well, hopefully this e-zine will make that a whole lot easier.  But, let's start with the basics:  If you want to publish your page on the web, you should learn the minimum necessities of HTML programming.  Well, here it is.

Each document has to begin with the tag <html>, which is followed with the tag <body>.  I then like to put in <align=left>.

So, every web-page that I have starts out with these three tags and looks like this:

There are a couple other tags you should be familiar with:  links to other web-sites and links to mail.

They are <a href="http:// (address of website)"> (Name of Web-site) </a>
  and <a href="mailto:(mailaddress)> (Name of e-mail) </a>

Here's what mine look like <a href=""> The Complete Freedom Homepage </a>
and <a href="> My e-mail </a>

At the end of each document, use these codes: </body> </html>

Now, if you're using an HTML editor like Composer or Corel WordPerfect8, like I do, you might not even need to know these codes.  But, when you upload them to your host, you might want to edit it in the freeform editors your host provides.  So, these will be helpful.  Also, when you are sending e-mail that refers to links, those tips will help.

One last tip, so that your letter doesn't look so bunched together, when you start a new paragraph use <p>.

So, you're html coding might look like this.
<p>Hi, I just wanted you all to be able to check out my web-site.
<p> You can find it at <a href:"">Complete Freedom Homepage</a>.
<p> If you have any questions, feel free to <a href=""> e-mail me </a>.
<p> Have a great day.
<p> Paul Miller

Try practicing this with your own web-site and e-mail address and see if it doesn't work.  Hope this helps you better understand the complications of html coding.

(The following is just one report from Over 500 Reports that we offer at Complete Freedom Company.  If you would like to order these reports, please contact me at


Everybody wants to make more money...  In fact, most people would like to hit upon something that makes them fabulously rich!  And seemingly, one of the easiest roads to the fulfillment of these dreams of wealth is mail order or within the professional circles of the business, direct mail selling...

The only thing is, hardly anyone gives much real thought to the basic ingredient of selling by mail - the writing of profitable classified ads.  If your mail order business is to succeed, then you must acquire the expertise of writing classified ads that sell your product or services!

So what makes a classified ad good or bad?  First of all, it must appeal to the reader, and as such, it must say exactly what you want it to say.  Secondly, it has to say what it says in the least possible number of words in order to keep your operating costs within your budget.  And thirdly, it has to produce the desired results whether inquiries or sales.

Grabbing the reader's attention is your first objective.  You must assume the reader is "scanning" the page on which your ad appears in the company of two or three hundred classified ads.  Therefore, there has to be something about your ad that causes him to stop scanning and look at yours!  So, the first two or three words of your ad are of the utmost importance and deserve your careful consideration.  Most surveys show that words or phrases that quickly involve the reader, tend to be the best attention-grabbers.  Such words as:  FREE...  WIN...  MAKE BIG MONEY...

Whatever words you use as attention-grabbers, to start your ads, you should bear in mind that they'll be competing with similar attention-grabbers of the other ads on the same page.  Therefore, in addition to your lead words, your ad must quickly go on to promise or state further benefits to the reader.  In other words, your ad might read something like this:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  We show you how!

In the language of professional copywriters, you've grabbed the attention of your prospect, and interested him with something that even he can do.

The next rule of good classified copywriting has to do with the arousal of the reader's desire to get in on your offer.  In a great many instances, this rule is by-passed, and it appears, this is the real reason that an ad doesn't pull according to the expectations of the advertiser.

Think about it - you've got your reader's attention; you've told him it's easy and simple; and you're about to ask him to do something.  Unless you take the time to further "want your offer," your ad is going to only half turn him on.  He'll compare your ad with the others that have grabbed his attention and finally decide upon the one that interests him the most.

What I'm saying is that here is the place for you to insert that magic word "guaranteed" or some other such word or phrase.  So now, we've got an ad that reads:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  Guaranteed!

Now the reader is turned on, and in his mind, he can't lose.  You're ready to ask for his money.  This is the "demand for action" part of your ad.  This is the part where you want to use such words as:  Limited offer - Act now! Write today!  Only and/or just...

Putting it all together, then your ad might read something like this:  MAKE BIG MONEY!  Easy & Simple.  Guaranteed!  Limited offer.  Send $l to:

These are the ingredients of any good classified ad - Attention - Interest - Desire - Action...  Without these four ingredients skillfully integrated into your ad, chances are your ad will just "lie there" and not do anything but cost you money.  What we've just shown you is a basic classified ad.  Although such an ad could be placed in any leading publication and would pull a good response, it's known as a "blind ad" and would pull inquiries and responses from a whole spectrum of people reading the publication in which it appeared.  In other words, from as many "time-wasters" as from bona fide buyers.

So let's try to give you an example of the kind of classified ad you might want to use, say to sell a report such as this one...  Using all the rules of basic advertising copywriting, and stating exactly what our product is, our ad reads thusly:

MONEY-MAKER'S SECRETS!  How To Write winning classified
ads.  Simple & easy to learn -should double or triple your
responses.  Rush $1 to BC Sales, 10 Main Anytown, TX 75001.

The point we're making is that:  l) You've got to grab the reader's attention...  2) You've got to "interest him" with something that appeals to him...  3) You've got to "further stimulate" him with something (catch-phrase) that makes him "desire" the product or service...  4) Demand that he act immediately...

There's no point in being tricky or clever.  Just adhere to the basics and your profits will increase accordingly.  One of the best ways of learning to write good classified ads is to study the classifieds - try to figure out exactly what they're attempting to sell - and then practice rewriting them according to the rules we've just given you.  Whenever you sit down to write a classified, always write it all out - write down everything you want to say - and then go back over it, crossing out words, and refining your phraseology.

The final ingredient of your classified ad is of course, your name, address to which the reader is to respond - where he's to send his money or write for further information.

Generally speaking, readers respond more often to ads that include a name than to those showing just initials or an address only.  However, because advertising costs are based upon the number of words, or the amount of space your ad uses, the use of some names in classified ads could become quite expensive.  If we were to ask our ad respondents to write to or send their money to The Research Writers & Publishers Association, or to Book Business Mart, or even to Money Maker's Opportunity Digest, our advertising costs would be prohibitive.  Thus we shorten our name Researchers or Money-Makers.  The point here is to think relative to the placement costs of your ad, and to shorten excessively long names.

The same holds true when listing your post office box number.  Shorten it to just plain Box 40, or in the case of a rural delivery, shorten it to just RRl.

The important thing is to know the rules of profitable classified ad writing, and to follow them.  Hold your costs in line.

Now you know the basics... the rest is up to you.

The Importance of Classified Ads
We just showed you how to start writing your classified ads.  You'll see a lot of TV gurus extol the virtues of these little money-makers.  But, they don't tell you one of the biggest secrets:  It costs money to learn how to master these little goodies.  One expert said that you would need $3000 to test your headlines before they took hold and started you on your career.

Of course, now when they do take hold, they'll set you up for life.  But, most new entrepreneurs don't have that much money.  That's why we are going to try to show you some ways to start for a whole lot less.

There is a master of the home business that offers a newsletter for what we call BWBs (Beginning Wealth Builders).  It's called IWS (International Wealth Success) Newsletter.  In it, you will find a lot of different ideas on how to start a new business for between $0 - $500.

But, here's the biggie.  In it, you will be able to place one classified ad per month.  All for the low cost of $2.00 per month.  For $24.00 per year, you will be able to place a classified ad before his vast number of subscribers.

If you would like to able to subscribe to IWS just send an e-mail to me and put "I want to EARN money" in the subject line.


Free!  Try Before You Buy Software!  Check out our 50,000 item store that offers deep discounts on computers and computer-related items.  Where?  Here --> Mr. M's Computer Superstore


One of the first things you have to understand to be in business for yourself is this statement:  "I'm going to help as many people as I possibly can."

You see, too many of us are still stuck in the "me" generation.  You just cannot get what you want until you help other people get what they want.  That means if you want freedom, you have to help other people obtain something of value that they want.

That's why I despise so many scams that come to me in my daily e-mail.  They tell me that if I will just send them "x" amount of dollars, then I will become instantly wealthy without ever having to do anything else.  It doesn't work that way.  You have to provide a service or a product in exchange for something else of value.

The web was built on reciprocity.  If I have received something of value from somebody, I, at least try to mention their web-site on my web-site.  (If you don't believe me, then check out this website.  You'll see a list of people that have allowed me a chance to post my FFA page.  (We hope to be showing you how to create your own FFA page and how to get listed with these people in a future issue.)  They did not necessarily ask me to do so, but I did, because I like to believe that I am an honorable person.  I also have done this with my Meaning of Life and Answers To Society's Ills.  At the bottom, you will find links to sites I believe that will get you to think.  Only one has not reciprocated.

This "do-for-me-and-I'll-do-for-you" mentality is only a beginning.  When we help others, even if they have no chance of repaying this, we set in motion a universal principal of reciprocity.  So, first look at your business and find out how it truly helps others.  Then focus on that principle in your web-sites and your methods of business.  You will find that as you gain that helpful spirit, your mind becomes clearer.  You will have purpose and meaning in your life.  Plus, as a side benefit, you might prosper financially.

Until next time, have a great day -- EVERYDAY!

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