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Mission: This e-zine is designed to help new web-entrepreneurs locate free and inexpensive resources to help them start their own home business. Our goal is to help everyone understand that freedom is earned, not made. This e-zine will hopefully guide those who wish to earn money do so. We cannot guarantee any of the information in these e-zines, and only offer them as a guide to help you gain success.

FIRST OF ALL: A big welcome to the subscribers who have recently joined us. If you'd like to check out the back issues, you can find them at our archives: Back issues.

Hello, all my fellow followers of Complete Freedom. I'm back. That's the good news! The bad news is I've changed the frequency of when you will receive these wonderful morsels of wisdom and knowledge. (Yes, there is a difference. Knowledge is what you know. Wisdom is what you do with the knowledge you know.) To be completely free, you have to be able to do things when you can or want to do them. Or in other words, spontaneous. No one is ever successful unless they have a certain amount of freedom to do what they want on a whim.

And that's how I've decided to send you all new issues. Spontaneously. You won't know when or how often they're coming. That way, I don't have to issue all these notices of "Sorry this one is late," or "Ooh, I just couldn't wait to tell you this." You'll know

Also, I will now be e-mailing you the entire e-zine. At the top, you will always be able to access it on the web, but I've found that most people prefer to read the e-zine directly instead of going to a web-site.

When we left off, we were talking about all the infomercial gurus. Ain't heard much response back on that, so we'll talk about what I want to talk about. And that's MOTIVATION!


The biggest problem with businesses that don't succeed is that the owner and the workers, (sometimes one and the same) don't stay motivated. The business is only there in the hopes of making money. I have a friend who owns a shop and he doesn't even use or like the product. Yes, he's making money (and fairly good money at that), but he is not successful. He mainly spends his time wishing he were back in his home country.

Here's the big secret. You can't be motivated if you're not doing something you like. If you can't be happy working with what you're doing, success is not an option.

Two things make up motivation. FEAR AND HOPE. You're either motivated to do something because you will lose something if you don't do it. Or you're motivated to do something in hopes of gaining something. Both are effective.

So, you need to learn what makes you motivated. If you want success, which we all know by now is a journey and not an end, then you have to do a little self-analysis to decide what motivates you.

So, right now, I want you to make a list of everything you fear. Then I want you to make a list of everything you want. (The latter is part of setting goals.) Now, after you review these lists, is what you're doing now, going to eliminate fear or get you what you want. If it's not, then you need to start figuring out what it is you want to do. What product or service do you want to work with that will make you happy. Then, once you've got that figured out, you can start the principles behind motivation.

Now, don't get your fears entangled with what you want. In other words, don't say "Oh, I'm afraid that I won't get that new Lincoln." Keep your fears separate from your desires. A real fear can be not making enough to make ends meet. A real want can be "I want a new Lincoln."

Yes, you can use both fear and desire. But, keep them separate. Now, once you're focused, (and yes success takes focus), then you have to have constant reminders of what you want or what you fear. If you want that new car, then put a picture up on your fridge. If you want to eliminate those bills, then remind yourself that what you are doing will help you eliminate them.

Then put in the time to do the things necessary. When we were talking about the gurus of infomercials, one of the things they talk about is placing tiny little classified ads. Although that may not be the most effective way to do business, (but it ain't bad) then you have to spend the time necessary to write the ads, test the ads, and place the ads. That means that you cannot just talk about what you're going to do. You need to put in the time necessary to do it.

Keep a chart of how you're doing on reaching your goals. That will help you realize that you are either eliminating fear or gaining what you desire.

Also, stay away from people who are will tell you that what you are doing is not possible. The only one who can decide it is not possible, (outside of government regulations) is you. If your spouse is negative about what you do, then don't talk to him or her about it. If the people around you who are your friends don't believe in you, then you better go figure out the definition of friends. It's time to get new ones who believe in you.

Nothing can stop you but you. Decide that right now and you are then on your way of the journey to success.


The only way I make any money off this is if you help yourself and go to my Books, Kits, and Courses page. I don't say this just to help myself. But, if you are truly SERIOUS about starting your own business and have no idea, then this is the best resource available to home business builders. You will find the absolute best in home business tools and ideas. (Why don't you start being serious about being a BWB - Beginning Wealth Builder - and invest $24.00 per year in your future? When you see all the advantages of being an IWS subscriber, you're going to tell me I'm giving away the farm, because $24.00 is too little for the information, free advertising, and contacts this little newsletter provides.)

That's not to say that I won't accept advertising a little later. I will probably be more than happy to swap ads and in the future, once this e-zine grows, I may even charge for it. But, right now, if you like this e-zine you need to do two things: 1)Invest in yourself by going to Books, Kits, and Courses 2) Forward this e-zine on to a friend and help them start on the road to success.

Don't forget the law of reciprocity: Everything you do comes back to you. If you forward this on, you're helping someone else and the law of reciprocity will come back and make sure you're helped when you need it.


These are a review of some of the free resources we have covered so far, we will add to this as we continue our journey to complete freedom.

To get your own FFA Page Free Without Having To Use CGI go to Small Biz FFA.

You can always list free ads every 3 days with Yahoo!

Free Yahoo Banner and 1307 Free Classified Submissions with PIYB

This is just a small sampling of resources. There are even more resources just one click away at The Complete Freedom Free and Low-Cost Bizopps page. Make sure to bookmark that page, as I will be adding to it as I find more valuable resources on the web.

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The best way for me to help you is by you letting me know what you want to know about being successful. That not only includes business resources, but motivational information as well. You can voice your ideas at my e-mail.

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