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REPORT #1: Do You Know What Your Websites Visitors Are Really Looking For? By Jim Daniels

REPORT #2: Are You Making These Two On-Line Mistakes? By Jim Daniels

REPORT #3: E-Mail Tricks of the Trade

Developing A Positive Attitude: What Do You Want To Prove?

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Mission: This e-zine is designed to help new web-entrepreneurs locate free and inexpensive resources to help them start their own home business. Our goal is to help everyone understand that freedom is earned, not made. This e-zine will hopefully guide those who wish to earn money do so. We cannot guarantee any of the information in these e-zines, and only offer them as a guide to help you gain success.

FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Thank you! And a huge welcome to all new subscribers this past month. We now have over 1200 people subscribed to this e-zine. If you are brand-new to A Guide To Complete Freedom, then you can check out all the back issues at our archive We wish you much success on your journey to Complete Freedom.

If you have any questions, concerns, or advice on what kind of business to consider starting, you can always e-mail me at complete_freedom@yahoo.com.

GREETINGS: Hello, all my wonderful subscribers. I hope your time has been prosperous and you have traveled a little farther down the road on your journey to success.

This week we are going to highlight a man who I have told you many times that you need to pay attention to. Jim Daniels.

Jim is a class act from the word "GO." He practices what he preaches. He does not follow the latest trend or scam. He is one of the few I can say, with confidence, epitomizes what Complete Freedom is all about. True dedication, hard work, and the willingness to help others. Jim, although he does not know it, has taught me loads about this business. And, he will teach you, if you'll just let him. His tips are always helpful. His advice is sound. And, like my others who will soon be inducted into the Complete Freedom Hall of Fame later this year, he scours the web to provide you with the best resources around.

These three reports deal with knowing what your visitors are looking for, avoiding on-line mistakes, and also some helpful tips on e-mail. And if Jim is showing you, you usually need go no further. (Well, unless you love the ramblings of a man who only seems to like the sound of his own voice. Mainly, me. But, then again, I'm only trying to get you to look at life, business, and freedom from a different aspect than the scammers out there who try to tell you you can make $5,000.00 a week and do absolutely nothing to get to that point.)

But, before we get to Jim's marvelous advice, I'm going to try and give you a little direction. So, let's do this!


Zig Ziglar once told a marvelous story about a decrepit couple using wheelchairs and canes starting their married life. The moral of the story was they had finally waited until all their affairs were settled before they got married.

So, what is that you think you have to wait for before life is perfect to begin your journey to Complete Freedom? Do you need to pay off more bills? Finish remodeling your house? Wait until your children are grown and gone?

The point is you have to get to your goal from here, because you can't start somewhere else. So, let's analyze your situation.

Are you unemployed at the moment? Good, that means you have plenty of time to devote to building your freedom.

Are you overworked at your current job? Good, then that means you'll have plenty of motivation to build your freedom.

Are you married? Good, then you and your spouse can work at building your freedom as a team.

Are you single? Good, then you don't have to ask anybody's permission to build your freedom.

Do you have children? Good, then building your business will instill a good role model for them.

Are you childless? Good, then you don't have other responsibilities to get in the way of your freedom.

Do you get the point yet? It doesn't matter what situation you are in, there is a benefit to being in that situation. You can think and dream of all the would have, could have, and should haves in the world. You cannot go back in time and change what happened then. All you can do is build from where you are at the moment.

So, here's some advice: If you are broke and all you have is access to the internet, then leverage the internet to get your message out. If you have a few bucks, register your domain. If you have a lot of money to just play with, then invest it in promotion. (This, in the terminology of the gurus you see hawking their marketing programs is called "direct response.") Direct response makes sense. Direct response states simply this: show the benefits of your product, give a little something extra to add value, then ask the people to buy it.

Later on in this issue, I'll explain why I say you can start with nothing and build something using the leverage of the internet. But, the point is, you have to start. If you don't have a clue as to where to start, then e-mail me at complete_freedom@yahoo.com.

I'll be happy to talk with you about your dreams and aspirations and where you want to go. (And I don't charge a thousand dollars an hour like the TV gurus. I don't charge one dime. I have a simple philosophy: help enough other people get what they want and I'll get what I want.)

So, this very day, write down your goals. (Notice how I elected to put this e-zine out on the 4th of July. Hmm, Independence Day. Need I say more?) Start devising a plan to be free. Figure out what you know best, or what you want to know best. Then have fun doing what you do. The web is filled with people who are having fun doing something they want to do and making money at it. (Later on in this e-zine, I'll explain that it's about more than just money.)

But, the key is start right now. (And then you can figure out what you're excuse for not doing it is. After you figure out your excuse, then you can figure out why it's a benefit.) So, make yourself somebody who's happy with who they are. And remember what I always say, success is nothing but a journey.

Okay, I've had my say! Your turn, Jim!

REPORT #1: Do You Know What Your Websites Visitors Are Really Looking For? By Jim Daniels

Do You Know What Your Website

Visitors Are REALLY Looking For?

Through the last few years I've tried many solutions to a

<nagging problem... how to let visitors easily search through

my website. Each time I'd try a new service, script or

software program I'd run into a problem. Either the

searching was too slow, the search engine results were lousy

or it just plain didn't work.

After lots of trial and error, I finally found a site search

tool that is head and shoulders above all others. Actually,

it is more than that. It can be used as a powerful marketing

tool as well. I now know "exactly" what my website visitors

are looking for and can present my own solutions to them in

a unique manner.

o First, the tool:

I'd like to invite you to try the new search tool at my home

page... http://www.bizweb2000.com - what you'll find is a

slick, independently hosted search solution for corporations,

small businesses, and individual web developers... Atomz.

With Atomz, absolutely anyone can quickly and easily add a

powerful search engine to any site, and the service is

free for sites with less than 500 pages.

I got my own Atomz search engine 100% up and running in less

than an hour. And while I still have a little "tweaking" to

do, the engine up at my site now is FAR better than every

solution I tried in the past. I spent zero dollars and

almost zero time getting it working.

Actually, to put the Atomz engine at your site, there's

nothing to do but fill out a few forms, decide what areas

you want your visitors to be able to search through and turn

Atomz loose to index your pages. In seconds it spits out

html code for you. You paste the code into any page you want

a search form on, then upload the page to your site. Bingo.


You now have a powerful search engine on your site and your

visitors will love you for it! What's nice is that there are

no annoying ad banners shown with your search results, just

a small "Powered by Atomz.com" graphic.

But there's really much more to Atomz than this. It holds a

unique marketing value for savvy web marketers...

o The Atomz fun starts...

As your visitors search your site, Atomz logs what they

enter and then creates reports for you by day, week, and

month. These reports tell you what visitors are looking for

at your site. You can use this information to improve your

site or to control the search results for your visitors.

Here's an example...

The top 15 searches at my site this week were:

search engines

marketing plan



jim daniels

make money

direct email

domain registration


affiliate program


free publicity


shania twain


So what does this report tell me? Well for starters, the

first few search words show me that my articles on search

engines and marketing maintenance have brought lots of

visitors to my site. That's still something that lots of web

marketers are interested in learning about so I'll write

more about my experiences in those areas.

Next, many of the terms searched on were exact matches to

the keywords I bid on at goto.com. Specifically, "make

money" and "direct email" are keywords I just increased my

bids on at goto. It was nice to see those efforts bring

immediate visitors. It's also great to give these surfers a

quick search tool so that can find exactly what they're

looking for at my site as soon as they arrive.

Next, the searches on domain registration prompted me to

move my report on "how to select and register a domain name

for your business", to the top of that results page. All

searches on domain registration now indirectly lead visitors

to my "domain name wizard" and then onto my domain name

registration services. Hey, this Atomz search tool is a

great little marketing tool!

Controlling the search results at your site is a powerful

way to market specific products and services. Atomz realizes

this and offers their "Target Meta Tag", an exclusive

Atomz.com search feature. You simply list words in the

"content" part of the "target meta tag" and the page is

promoted to the top of your search results ranking. You can

also use your keywords tag to influence your Atomz.com

Search results.

As I work my way down my first Atomz report, I not only

learn what my visitors are searching for, I learn what my

site is lacking. Over time, these reports will be invaluable

to me and my efforts to help my website visitors and

e-newsletter subscribers who return to my site.

And oh yeah, I learned one more thing from my Atomz

reports... I may need to do a little research on this

Shania Twain person. ;-)

To learn more about Atomz and get your own free search

engine, visit http://atomz.com/design


Article by Jim Daniels of www.bizweb2000.com - a great

resource for all your "how to make money online" needs!

For weekly online marketing help, get Jim's free BizWeb

eGazette... mailto:freegazette@bizweb2000.com or visit:


Report #2

Are You Making These Two Online Marketing Mistakes?

"They Took Minutes to Fix and Yielded Huge Results..."

Today I'd like to share with you just two tiny changes I

made in my online marketing campaign recently. While the

changes I made took literally minutes, the results have

been nothing short of spectacular.

Chances are, you are making at least one of these two

mistakes as well. If so, I urge you to fix them as soon as

possible. I promise you'll be thrilled with the results.

MISTAKE 1: Sign up form missing on home page...

For over two years my main page did not contain a signup

form for my email newsletter. Sure, I had a link to my sample

issue, which contained a signup form, but I never got around

to adding the short form to my main page.

THE FIX: I added a short sign up form with a testimonial on

my main page and my new subscriber signups nearly doubled,

from 300 a week to close to 600. If I had smartened up a year

ago I could be at 50,000 subscribers now, instead of 35,000.

Learn from my mistake! If you are not using a signup form on

your main page to collect email addresses of your visitors,

you are making a big mistake. It really is as simple as

asking for their email address using a "formmail" script on

your web server. Most web hosts offer that basic script for


MISTAKE 2: Including the same signature file with all

outgoing emails...

A signature file is simply a short "footer" (usually 3-5 lines)

that you write yourself. The signature is included in at the

bottom of each email message you send and it is an excellent

way for potential customers to learn about your products and

services. When done properly, your signature can constantly

make sales for you.

Although most online marketers know how to use a sig file,

nearly all are limiting themselves with this tool. Here's

an example of how I was limting my own sales...

My old Signature was one of those boring 3 line sigs with

company name, contact information and URL.

Any time I replied to an email message it included that short

signature at the end. Sure, I dabbled with other longer sigs

but I never noticed much of a difference. That is, until I

wised up and started targeting my sigs to each prospect...

THE FIX: Rather than use the same sig with every email, I

now select from a menu of four separate signatures. Each one

I created is geared to assist different people. It's usually

pretty simple to tell from an email message what type of

product or service each person may be most interested in.

Now, before I click "send" on any message, I simply use

Eudora's drop down menu and select one of my four pre-

written signature files.

I suggest you take a few moments to set up three or four

different signatures right now. Each one will be a mini-ad

designed to assist specific customers and prospects. The

sigs should also carefully promote each of your top products

and services.

Tip: I've found that writing the signatures in a "P.S." format

can be very effective since it looks like part of the email

message itself.

Once you're done setting up some sigs, put them into action.

That's the easy part... Before you click "send" on any email

message, select the signature that would fit best with the

recipient's needs. You'll quickly find that each client you

deal with really does fit in well with one particular

recommendation. This simple strategy can increase your online

income more than you can imagine!


Tip by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing. Did you find this tip

helpful? There's plenty more like this at Jim's website,

www.bizweb2000.com ... For Weekly Online Marketing Help, get

Jim's Free BizWeb E-Gazette! mailto:freegazette@bizweb2000.com

or visit http://www.bizweb2000.com right now!


Here are some great tips, tricks, add-ons and shortcuts for

two popular email programs; Qualcomm's Eudora and Microsoft

Outlook / Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Tips and Tricks:

o Did you know that you can view ongoing email conversations

by quickly changing the view in Outlook and Outlook Express?

Select a message in your in-box, click on "View", point your

cursor to "Current View" and then click "Group Messages by

Conversation". You'll see all messages with that particular

person and they'll be organized in a nice, neat thread!

o Worried about a virus? First off, NEVER open an attachment

before virus checking it. Also consider using "Chilton

Preview" rather than Outlook's built-in preview pane.


Microsoft Outlook's AutoPreview lets you see just the first

three lines of messages. It also leaves you susceptible to

malicious code in html messages. "Chilton Preview" is a tiny

add-on that puts a whole third pane on your Outlook window,

to let you scroll through entire messages without opening

them. It reads the plain text equivalent of HTML messages so

it does not leave you vulnerable to malicious code in HTML


o You can have Outlook and Outlook Express quickly add any

email addresses to your Address Book. Just open any incoming

message then right-click on the name you want to add. Then

click on "Add to Address Book".

Outlook and Outlook Express keyboard Shortcuts:

o Press F3 to perform an advanced find.

o Ctrl-Q will mark a message as read.

o Ctrl-K matches the text typed into the TO field with

an existing contact.

Outlook Add-ons you may want to try...

o ListsNet Tuner: http://www.listsnet.com/about.html#Tuner

o AutoReply: http://www.nextword.com/AutoReplyprod.htm

o Email Talks: http://www.research-lab.com/

Eudora Tips and Tricks

Qualcomm's Eudora 4.3 is now available. If you are a

4.x user, you can get the update for FREE at:


o Did you know that you can schedule outgoing messages for

later delivery. To use this feature just hold down the Shift

key as you click "send" or "queue" on your outgoing message.

A box will pop up asking you when you want to send the

message. This is a great feature for sending reminders to

friends, family and even yourself! I use it all the time, as

a matter of fact I just sent a scheduled message that will

arrive a few days before my next anniversary. (Fellas; maybe

you should do the same!)

o Need to move Eudora from one computer to another and save

all your old mailboxes AND messages? Just save the .toc and

..mbx files and copy them to the same directory in your new

computer. Next time you reopen Eudora, bingo, all your old

messages are there!

o If you ever have the need to get your email from a remote

location but won't have access to a computer with Eudora,

just grab a free web email account from Eudora at

www.eudoramail.com before you go. You'll be able to send and

receive email right through the browser of any computer

with Internet access.

Eudora keyboard Shortcuts:

o Ctrl-A selects the entire text of a message.

o F7 toggles the preview pane on and off.

o Shift-space bar toggles a message between the read and

unread status.

A few Eudora add-ons you may want to try...

o PureVoice Player-Recorder: http://www.eudora.com/purevoice/

o EasyTranslator Express: available at www.download.com

o Beginners interactive guide to using Eudora Light:



Article by Jim Daniels of www.bizweb2000.com - where over

a million small business owners have found the straight

scoop on how to make serious money online.

For weekly online marketing help, get Jim's free BizWeb

eGazette... mailto:freegazette@bizweb2000.com or visit:



There are resources just one click away at The Complete Freedom Free and Low-Cost Bizopps page. This page is often in construction, so check back frequently. We hope to be adding a Hall of Fame soon for those people who best exemplify the honest principles of home business and e-tailing.

Excellent Recommended E-zines:

Merles Mission Newsletter: merlesmission-subscribe@makelist.com (There's more information here than can be leaked by a Grand Jury and Presidential aides at any ten times.)

Success Globalzine: To subscribe, just send an e-mail to webmaster@successsolutions.com?subject=SUBSCRIBE (More helpful than a 16 year-old bucking to take out the car for a Saturday nite date.)

Towards Developing A Positive Attitude: What Do You Have to Prove?

As you all are well aware of, we have passed our 1,000 member mark this last month. That's not really a big deal you might say. There are e-zines out there that are getting that kind of readership in less than a month.

The difference is I did it without spending one cent on promotion. All I paid for is my internet connection. (The tiny little town I live in doesn't have some of the free ISP that the bigger cities had, or I could have done it for free.)

I also did this without succumbing to that dreaded word SPAM. But, more importantly, I think I did it without stooping to that other four-letter word: SCAM. I have not charged one dime to anybody for this e-zine. And, to date, I have not taken one dime from advertisers. And, I also did it without paying for one subscriber.

In other words, I did it the hard way. Why? Am I crazy? (My wife and several others claim that I am, but that is besides the point.)

I did it to prove that I could do it. And I did it so that I could prove to all my wonderful readers that if I can do it without spending a dime, then if you have a legitimate promotion, a little drive, and a few bucks, you can do even more. (Any questions on promotions that are relatively low-cost, registering a domain, etc., go to Jim Daniel's web-site and find out how.)

So, now, ask yourself this: What do you have to prove? If I can do this without spending one dime, what do you have to prove to yourself, to others.

You see, money is not a primary motivator. (At least it shouldn't be.) Your own pride in accomplishing the difficult should be the primary motivator. The time that you can spend with your family doing what you want should be a primary motivator. Start focusing on the real, not the scam. (If you need some legitimate businesses to follow, feel free to e-mail me, and I'll help you brainstorm at what your best bets are.)

So, start proving things to yourself. You'll amaze yourself at what you can do with a little effort and leveraging the resources the web provides. (You might find out how to work smarter, not harder. That don't mean you can give up hard work and just work completely smart.)

Until we put out another issue - Have a great day- EVERYDAY!

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