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Complete Freedom Report: Taking the "You" Out of Your Business

Guest Report: Clever Profit Growth Software By Jim Daniels of BizWeb Gazette

Guest Report: The Four Biggest Reasons why Businesses Fail... And How to Avoid Them Simply, Easily, And Without Fuss. by Nancy Bornes (Courtesy of my partner Lee Benson of E-zine Tactics)

Developing A Positive Attitude: STAY OUT OF THE TRASH!


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Mission: This e-zine is designed to help new web-entrepreneurs locate free and inexpensive resources to help them start their own home business. Our goal is to help everyone understand that freedom is earned, not made. This e-zine will hopefully guide those who wish to earn money do so. We cannot guarantee any of the information in these e-zines, and only offer them as a guide to help you gain success.

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GREETINGS: I figured that since everybody is waiting to find out who our next President-elect is going to be, I would offer you something of real use while the nation hangs in the balance. So, we are going to start out our third year with some solid advice. And, as a surprise, I'm going to give you one of my original offerings. We will then present a couple of articles of use from some very important people. Hey, it's better than sitting around doing nothing, right?


How many times have you sat down to your e-mails or gone to a web-site and seen: "My Favorite Associate and Affiliate Programs" or "My Favorite Links"with those all important words: "CLICK HERE!" ? Do you actually check them out? I doubt it.

Here's why we don't check them out. We just don't care! These people assume that because you have accidentally stumbled on to their web-site that you actually give a rip about them and automatically believe that they have all the answers.

The flaw in this thought process is this: Very few people actually care about what somebody else thinks (unless they have proven themselves like my good friend Jim Daniels or some of the other people who are destined for the Complete Freedom Hall of Fame like William Bontrager , Boogie Jack, Evonne Llewellyn, or Merle from Merle's Mission Newsletter.) (P.S. to the parentheses: You can subscribe to all these wonderful resources by clicking on the link on their name. I like to give credit where credit is due and these five masters of the business have proven themselves. If you aren't subscribed to them, do yourself a favor and do so now.)

The difference between those listed above and the rest of the 'Net is this: They first focused on their customer's needs and provided useful information for their readers. They did not assume that you found them by some dynamic destiny, therefore you are a kindred spirit with them and that whatever they like the reader would like.

You have to take the "you" out of your business and start focusing on the "them." Because, without "them," the customers, your business, e-zine, cause is futile. Start thinking about "them" when you advertise, when you create your web-sites, and you will find that people will start coming to "you" and listening to "you."

How do you do this? Simple. When you write your articles start using "You" in the headlines. (This time "You" is good, because you are referring to "Them.") When you create your web-pages and you create links, tell "them" the benefits of why they need what you offer on your web-site. When you promote a product, don't ask people to support you; show "them" why they need it.

And last of all, remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This means, don't scam. Don't promise something you can't deliver. Don't tell them how they'll have thousands of dollars by Christmas via some pyramid level program that does not offer value, but merely passes five dollars to someone else for doing nothing. Focus on products that can really put people in a viable business that promotes a workable solution to people's problems. (If you ever need suggestions on starting a viable business, I will be glad to consult with you, at no charge, and make suggestions. All you need to do is e-mail me at complete_freedom@yahoo.com.)

You can't make things happen until you take "you" out of your business and focus on "them."


As many of you know, Jim Daniels is the man I rely on most for just plain old good information to help guide you to success. Jim, once more, has come through with a dandy: Software you can use to build your business. (And, as always, he walks you through it so it's easy.)

"Clever Profit Growth Software"

Are you truly using technology in your web business? Before

you answer yes, stop a moment and consider how many

promotion or marketing tasks take place at your website

without you lifting a finger.

Perhaps your site signs up new opt-in subscribers for you

while you sleep. If so, that's ONE automated task. Maybe

orders are accepted securely without your intervention.

That's TWO. But can you keep counting?

If you have a little trouble going beyond that, what follows

will help you.

As you probably already know, perhaps the most powerful of

all applications on the Internet is the CGI script. CGI

stands for the "Common Gateway Interface". It is a standard

for interfacing external applications with information

servers, such as HTTP or Web servers. If you have a website,

more than likely you already have cgi based software running

at your site. But your profits could probably benefit greatly

from a few more.

Now don't worry, I'm not going to go into a long, boring

explanation of how to install cgi scripts. I'll save that

for the techhies. Instead, I'll simply share a wide variety

of scripts that are ideal for small business owners

looking to grow website traffic and sales.

(Note: If you're not at all familiar with CGI,

<http://www.cgi101.com/> is a great place to learn about how

it works. Remember, if it all seems too confusing, fear not.

Using CGI can be as simple as picking out a script and

having someone else set it up!)

Anyway, on with the scripts...



Automark is a cgi script that will automatically pop up a

"bookmark" suggestion box for first-time visitors to your

website. While this can be accomplished using straight

javacode, this script will not annoy regular visitors by

popping up the window every time they return. The first time

a new visitor hits your "target page" the bookmark window

pops up, but never again. This is a great way to get your

site bookmarked by more visitors.



MailNow allows you to provide web-based email to your users.

Its web-based email product provides unlimited addresses for

multiple domains. A free email account is a great giveaway

that ensures constant repeat visitors to your site.

Master Subscriber Pro


This program automates joint ventures with other ezine

publishers. Using this script your visitors can subscribe to

an unlimited number of ezines without leaving your website

to do so. Locate a few ezine publishers with traffic

comparable to yours and you'll all increase your new

subscriber signups!

Protect It


This script offers a simple way to setup .htaccess or

.nsconfig type user authentication to your web directories

using username / password. It is a solid solution for

managing private site signups. This script features auto-

creation and expiration of accounts, account edit features,

a customizable email template, and many other configurable


Master Reciprocal Links


Most search engines favor sites with links from other

similar sites. But growing and maintaining a list of links

can be a lot of work. Here's a free script that will

automate these tasks for you. Not only does the program make

it easy to maintain a links page, it also finds out who the

cheats are!

Your Own Associate Program


Leverage the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of other

webmasters by opening up an affiliate program at your site.

This script by Paul Galloway runs my program automatically

and is used by many high-profile marketers.

Master Syndicator


Do you offer articles, images or other content to

webmasters, to use on their own sites? Here's a way to

automate the process -- for you AND them! This script lets

webmasters add two lines of JavaScript code on their page at

the location where your content is to appear. Then, all you

do is paste your column into your own Syndicator form and

with one click you can automatically update every

syndication websites' pages, all at once. Pretty slick eh?

CDomain Pro


This script contains a domain lookup which helps your

visitors find existing domains and it also includes a

powerful domain name wizard. The wizard combines descriptive

words that your visitors enter and presents them with a list

of related domain names that are available. If you are a

domain name reseller, this lightning-fast, user friendly

script is ideal, as it can take your visitors right to your

domain name registration service. I liked this one so much I

had it installed at my site! You can demo it at:


If you feel that any of these scripts would enhance your

website, visit the URL and learn more. Or, if you have an

idea for your site and would like to automate the process,

you can search for a script at <www.cgi-resources.com>.

And remember, don't pass up a script because of limited

knowledge of cgi. While you can install cgi scripts on your

server yourself, you can also hire someone else to do it.

The key is to never stop transforming your site into a

powerful lead and sale generator - and these scripts do just


* By Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing Company. Jim's free

lessons will increase your website traffic. Visit

<http://www.bizweb2000.com/articles.htm> or opt-in to his

famous BizWeb eGazette. It's free forever...

mailto:optin@bizweb2000.com </ym/Compose?To=optin@bizweb2000.com&YY=73497&order=down&sort=date&pos=0>

The Four Biggest Reasons why Businesses Fail... And

How to Avoid Them Simply, Easily, And Without Fuss.

by Nancy Bornes

Everyone's trying to make a buck - or two - on and off the

Internet, these days. Yet, from the smallest home-based

enterprise to multi-million dollar dotcom empires,

businesses are failing, too, like never before.

How can you make sure that YOUR business doesn't end up in

the scrap-heap, after all your hard work? The majority of

businesses - including network marketing opportunities -

fail because of four problems:

1) People have never been taught how to manage their

business or their personal finances.

Most people would never even consider submitting their

resume for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of a

company, yet they hire themselves as the CEO of their own

business without a second thought! At the same time, we

hear those stories of folks who, with minimal business

background, make a killing in their first year in business.

How did it happen?

In a word, training. Training means learning anything and

everything you can about doing business, about marketing,

about customer service, about number-crunching. And there is

training available - on and offline, much of it free or very

inexpensive. Those who are open to learning, and take

advantage of as many training opportunities as they can,

stand a much greater chance of succeeding.

2) People cannot effectively sell, recruit or train.

Many people fail in all types of businesses because they

cannot effectively sell their product or services, and they

are not effective at training their team.

The most obvious solution to this problem is to make sure,

in the first place, that you are selling a product that you

know and understand, and that you absolutely believe in.

Then it will sell itself, with much less effort from you! So

give careful thought to the opportunities that present

themselves to you - do you believe in the product or service

YOURSELF, enough that all you'll really need to do is hone

your presentation of the facts?

3) People cannot survive five or six months of negative cash


It is a known fact that most businesses -- including network

marketing plans - take many months to begin to pay off. This

creates a great deal of difficulty for most people, who

really can't afford to wait that long.

So take the blinders off, and be discriminating when you are

looking at business opportunities. Don't be afraid to look

past the 'hype' and take a deep look at the real numbers -

how hard will you have to work, and for how long, before the

paycheques are worth more than the paper they're written on?

And speaking of paycheques ...

4) People are driven by MONEY, when they really need to be

driven by a MISSION.

We can move mountains when motivated by a real passion for

things more noble than money. The passion to help others,

for example, produces the energy and creativity of

greatness. We've heard the expression, and it has repeatedly

proven true in business - 'do what you love.' The money WILL

inevitably follow very closely behind.

Find out what YOUR passion is. What MISSION will drive you

to the greatest heights in business? Don't settle for

anything less, and you WILL reap the rewards that are sure

to be the result!


Author Nancy Bornes is a successful entrepreneur through

using the principles described in this article.

Visit her website at <http://www.retirequickly.com/3121>



There are resources just one click away at The Complete Freedom Free and Low-Cost Bizopps page. This page is often in construction, so check back frequently. We hope to be adding a Hall of Fame soon for those people who best exemplify the honest principles of home business and e-tailing.

Excellent Recommended E-zines:

Merles Mission Newsletter: merlesmission-subscribe@makelist.com (There's more information here than can be leaked by a Grand Jury and Presidential aides at any ten times.)

Success Globalzine: To subscribe, just send an e-mail to webmaster@successsolutions.com?subject=SUBSCRIBE (More helpful than a 16 year-old bucking to take out the car for a Saturday nite date.)

Towards Developing A Positive Attitude: STAY OUT OF THE TRASH!

The Internet has become the biggest boon to building home businesses that has ever existed. But, as with anything, trash often pokes its ugly head up to try and take the forefront.

If you are serious about building your business, you need to stay away from some of the uglier stuff. You know what I'm talking about: the pornography sites. They are a waste of your time trying to build your business by either viewing them or pushing them. These sites are designed to excite you by getting you to dream about things that are out of your reach. (And they should stay out of your reach for a reason.)

Now, I'm all for marital bliss and excitement with your life partner. But, if you're off chasing these sites instead of focusing on the useful sites that offer valid research and tools to build your business, then you are taking time away from building your legitimate business. I've told you a long time ago, when this e-zine started, if you want to make quick money, then write a bunch of "ooohs" and "aaahs" and you'll make money quick. But, if you are serious about building a long-term business, then you need to focus on legitimate business building techniques.

Staying out of the trash also means staying away from MLM businesses that focus on providing a quick buck with no real value. You know what I'm talking about. These are the e-mails that say "Send $5 to this person at the top of the list ..."

Now, I'm all for legitimate MLM sites. But, remember, the key is to provide value to your customer. Don't just pass dollars among your group.

If you stay out of the trash, you can make yourself a better person, provide more valuable services and products to your customers, and build a better relationship with the people who keep you in business: YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Recently I sent out an advertisement for E-zine Tactics. I thank the many of you who responded positively, as my partner, Lee Benson, and myself, believe this is the most valuable tool in building your business. It is our sincere desire that you benefit from this resource.

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For those of you who missed this advertisement, and would like to know what the hub-bub is all about, and why Lee and I believe you need to catch the most valuable tool to building your business, you need to check out the driving force behind what we consider to be the number one tool to building your own e-business. Just take yourself to the following URL:


Not only can you use the valuable information inside this amazing tool to increase your profits wildly, but you have an opportunity to be an associate to add to YOUR income. You need this tool now! http://EzineTactics.com/?id=1237

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