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Good, we're glad! In keeping with our Complete Freedom philosophy, we want to present you as many opportunities as you need to become Completely Free - from your job, your rut, or just whatever it is that is holding you back from the good things in life - like your family, your friends, and your real interests.

InValuable Resources You Need:

I've scoured the web looking for the real resources, not the ones that tease you and only offer demo programs.

One of the best ways to start in any business is to provide material to others on a free basis. But, how are they going to know that you have it. Cuz I know you've tried everything you can think of and just ain't getting it. You've tried posting on FFA sites, you've tried free classifieds (even the YAHOO! Which by the way will bring some business and I do cover how in my free e-zine) but you still aren't getting the response you want or need.

Then you need to start your own e-zine. I cover that also in my free e-zine, but here are some of the resources you need:

A good mailing list manager helps. And the most common one which now allows you to send out an e-zine with 100K of information (If it's any longer, people might get bored) is this one:

To set up your own mailing list: Listbot

For great resources, including a ready made e-zine builder, you need to check out:

When I started my e-zine, I only had 35 subscribers. One year later, I've got almost 350 subscribers. (Just wish my money grew that fast.) But, the way I got them was by announcing my new e-zine. And you can do the same thing, too. (Who knows? Maybe people will even like your e-zine better.) Remember, it doesn't just have to be about business. It can be about any hobby or thing you know a lot about. (Just try to stay away from sex. Yes, I know it sells, but in my belief of complete freedom, there is no room for sex except with your permanent life partner in your own bedroom.)

To announce your e-zine: New List

I followed the advice of one of the best in the net-business when I set up my announcement. You can do the same. And he's got a whole lot more that you need to check out. Just go to



Yes, you read that right. That said Free Internet Access. And I'm not talking about the internet access sites that charge you $100 for free lifetime access. I'm talking zip, zero, nada. And if you ain't on it, you're paying too much.

Couple of drawbacks: You got to live in an area they service. So, if you live in a tiny little town in North Dakota, (Like I do when I'm relaxing and not working to bring you the best there is) then you can't get it. But, I'm betting that most of you live in a Metropolitan area like I do right this moment. Then all you got to do is get to it once and download it.

The other drawback, which in my opinion is very minor is that it runs a little banner with advertisements. You turn that off, you're internet access is done until you start over. There's a little warning that lets you know when you've been on thirty minutes and haven't clicked one of their ads. Just make sure you're there to catch it and your access continues. So, don't expect to do a major download and walk away.

Where is this Free Internet Access?


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If you are serious about starting a business on a low income and want the absolute BEST in home business advise, then you NEED to check out this information written and compiled by the best in the business. And we're not talking no rinky-dink scam artists. I'm talking about a man who actually takes your calls six days a week. (Sorry, on Sunday, he's on his 90 foot yacht.)

As a matter of fact the best way to start is with a newsletter that will provide you with at least six ideas on how to start a business with little or no money. It also offers you a free classified ad that goes to thousands of other entrepreneurs like you. You need a loan? You got money to loan? You need advertising? You need a new product or idea? You got a new product or idea? Want to let the elite know? How much, you ask? You got $2.00 a month to change your way of thinking and start getting on the fast track? Cuz that's all that it costs. $24.00 a year. Plus if you buy a two year subscription, you get access to the most valuable resource for home business advice in the world. (That's right -- the man with the 90 foot yacht. Plus, if you have a little more to invest, there's lots of step by step courses that can set you on the road to financial freedom. You had best go there now.

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Have you ever wondered why you were put on this earth? Have you ever really wanted real answers to today's societal problems such as education, abortion, choice-making, the drug problem, and other little things that nag at your brain all day. Then you need to check out this site to find out the real answers to all you ever wanted to know. The answers may not be what you expect, but every single person who has read this column agrees that these answers make the most sense they have ever read. You better go to: The Meaning of Life And Some Answers To Societal Ills

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